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Rebel Appeals and Incentives Dataset (RAID)

The Rebel Appeals and Incentives Dataset (RAID) contains data on the recruitment practices of rebel organizations, including measures of the degree to which groups rely on ideological appeals, relative to material incentives, for recruitment, as well as specific types of ideological appeals. The dataset covers 232 organizations, derived from the Non-State Actor Dataset, that were active across the world during the period of 1989 to 2011.

The article is introducing this dataset is accepted and forthcoming at the Journal of Conflict Resolution. A copy of the article can be found here.

Replication materials for that article, including the codebook, appendix, replication data, and replication code, can be found here.

There is both a cross-sectional and time series cross-sectional version of the dataset, which can be accessed (in .csv format) by clicking on their respective links. See the dataset release article for more details. 

Finally, research assistants and I wrote detailed, qualitative narratives on the recruitment practices of all groups in RAID, which I then used to translate into the quantitative variables. These narratives can be found here.

For any questions, please contact me at:

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